Parisou Massage Therapy
Katie Parisou, LMT

Reviews & Testimonials

September 2019

"Everything was great!!! I feel better than I have in weeks."  ~Leslie


"I left my first session feeling better than I had in weeks. I was able to sit comfortably for the rest of the day which included a 1-1/2 hour meeting. The next day I managed a 2hr & 45 minute car ride with only minor discomfort. While these results have not been permanent, they helped me get through a weekend road trip without being miserable. I plan to try this again after my SI joint injection tomorrow. Thanks so much Katie!!"  ~Barbara


August 2019

"Katie was professional and regularly checked on to make sure my experience was comfortable and met my goals."  ~Anonymous


"Everything was very good."  ~Anonymous


July 2019

"Clean and relaxing office setting. Easy to get to off of Rt 322 and plenty of parking."  ~Richard


June 2019

"Katie has me off pain meds."  ~Mary


"Katie is the best! She always puts her clients first"  ~Diane


"Katie worked on my sore shoulder and it felt so much better after her massage!"  ~Anonymous


May 2019

"Katie puts me to sleep every time, it's so relaxing"  ~Richard


April 2019

"It was the best massage I've ever had!!  ~Marsha


March 2019

"I enjoyed my first time massage with Katie very much and I will in the future as well !!!"  ~Zina


"Great!"  ~Debbie


"Really helped relax my shoulders and upper back"  ~Polly


"I liked that I felt looser when walking again at the muscles weren't so stiff even in spite of the lower back pain."  ~Maria


"Katie did an awesome job! She really took time to work on my problem areas, but at the same time it was not painful at all. I came out of there feeling so relaxed."  ~Courtney


"Katie is extremely knowledgeable and adjusts her work to what the client desires. Highly recommend!"  ~Lisa


Februrary 2019

"Very good nice clean room friendly and caring!"  ~Tina


"Best massage I've had, hands down. I'll be booking regular appointments in the near future."  ~Mary


January 2019

"Katie is a very friendly and skilled therapist. Her skill level in treating a variety of problems is evident each time I attend a session. I will continue to return to Parisou Massage Therapy in the future."  ~Anonymouse


December 2018

"Fantastic massage! Great for stress relief and Katie really listens to your wishes. The table is extremely comfortable with pillows and warm blankets. The only thing that would make it better is to dim the lights and perhaps have some aromatherapy available for those that like it, as I know not everyone does like it"  ~Anonymous


"Katie provides a skilled massage in a relaxing setting. She is professional, and offers nice touches like extra pillow support and a heated blanket in the winter. I've had Katie work on me to simply relax and rejuvenate, but also to recover from injury. I trust her expertise; she's adept and thoughtful as a massage therapist!"  ~Sunna


November 2018

"I had the best massage and cupping experience with Katie! I feel so relaxed. Im looking forward to my next visit!"  ~Kristina


"Katie does amazing bodywork and is constantly expanding her skill set to serve her clients in the best way possible. She knows the best techniques to get results for all sorts of ailments. I always leave feeling better and looking forward to my next visit."  ~Courtney


October 2018

"Just what I needed."  ~Bonnie


September 2018

"Very helpful for my knee replacement"  ~Anonymous


"Lower back massage, relieved a lot of tightness and discomfort. Excellent!!! I'll be back."  ~Winand


August 2018

"Katie understood my physical needs to help the healing of my knee replacement, yet took time at the end to also give me a relaxing back and neck massage. Although we talked during the part of the massage that dealt with my knee, the relaxation part was quiet which I really appreciated."  ~Sarah


"This was my first massage and it was amazing!! I am feeling better and can not wait until my next visit."  ~Leslie


July 2018

"Katie is always so responsive and thoughtful. Love every session!"  ~Jennifer


"Katie, you knew just what spots to tackle."  ~Anonymous


"I met Katie when my daughter had an appointment in the same building. Never having had a massage before I thought... I should try a massage rather than just sitting around waiting. That was three years ago. My daughter no longer has appointments in that building, but I do. Once every two weeks with Katie. What a great way to relieve stress and get the kinks out of these overused muscles. Thanks Katie. You're the best."  ~Dave


June 2018

"I have always loved coming to my appointment with Katie but this time was special. I had just had a medical procedure performed under anesthesia and they must have positioned me unfavorably while I was out. I woke up with pain in my hip and lower back. I immediately reached out to Katie who offered to see me that very day. I felt immediate relief after our session and the following day was pain free. Thanks so very much, Katie. You made a trying day much brighter! You rock!"  ~Carol


"Not a thing she is awesome"  ~Mary


"Great job as usual! Thank you so much!" ~Richard


May 2018

"the massage was great. it hurt where it needed to hurt to get my hip and left leg going again and when it didn't I was fast asleep and very relaxed"  ~Richard


"Great Pregnancy massage!!"  ~Chelsea


"My first experience that I left feeling rejuvenated and did not wake up the next day with muscle pain." ~Anonymous


April 2018

"Enjoyed the experience. Didn't see a difference but still hopeful."  ~Helen


"Katie is an amazing masseuse. Took time to understand my conditions and provided excellent care."  ~Anonymous


"Always a great experience!"  ~Jody


"Katie is great and makes you feel very comfortable. She is very professional while also being personable."  ~Anonymous


March 2018

"Katie's skill is enhanced by her intuitive capacity, I received an excellent massage and appreciated the sense of well-being that resulted. I recommend her without reservation!"  ~Jamie


"Thank you so much, muscles and nerves told me to thank you too!"  ~Maria


February 2018

"Always feel renewed when I leave."  ~Anonymous


"I believe Katie has the power to heal with her hands. Katie is extremely professional. She is able to manipulate the soft tissues, including the skin, tendons, muscles and connective tissue, for total relaxation and to enhance my body's own healing capability. The entire experience is amazing! Thank you, Katie!"  ~Sara


"She did amazing and was able to focus on my problem areas!"  ~Anonymous


"Katie is the very best in her field! I highly recommend Katie's skills for anyone with muscle tension and stress. The entire experience was excellent. I can't wait for my next appointment. Thank you, Katie!"  ~Sara


January 2018

"You were great and very helpful. Thank you!"  ~Dan


November 2017

"Great overall experience!"  ~Margaret


"Thank you are helping me. See improvement already. Looking forward to next Monday."  ~Jake


"Excellent first visit! Worth the 2-hour drive! Katie is very easy to talk to and she has a genuine desire to help her patients."  ~Anonymous


"Confident in her knowledge and skills. Katie is a good listener who cares about her clients well being."  ~Anonymous


"Katie's massages keep my healthy and able to take on any physical challenge!"  ~Barb


"Excellent treatment and friendly practitioner. Comfortable and relaxing environment. Highly recommended."  ~Jeff


October 2017

"Great massage! Always feel great after!"  ~John


"Ms. Parisou gives a wonderful massage. She's concerned about the comfort of her client. I would definitely recommend her to a friend! Thank you Katie"  ~Anonymous


"It is always a great time spent with you and your great professionalism. Thank you"  ~Foster


"I liked the cupping and the massaging of my left shoulder. I wish my knots would break-up more easily, but Katie does a great job without hurting me."  ~Polly


"Katie is the best massage therapist around!"  ~Anonymous


"The time flew by too quickly."  ~Missy


"Was amazing"  ~Anonymous


"Katie consistently gives me a fabulous massage. And to top it off, she is a pleasure to be around."  ~Anonymous


September 2017

"I always leave feeling refreshed! Thanks Katie!"  ~Courtney


"I have not felt this good in many years. you'r a rock star, Katie!!!"  ~Bonnie


"felt good, looking forward to next appt"  ~Pat


August 2017

"Katie provided a wonderful experience and is very skilled in what she is doing."  ~Nicole


"Excellent massage. Everything was great!"  ~Sandy


"I love everything about it! She does an amazing job! She's very great with working with your schedule as well! I highly recommend her!!!"  ~Sheena


"I appreciate that Katie provides a relaxing environment and I walk out feeling great. I recommend her to friends and will continue to do so."  ~Barb


"Katie keeps me upright and moving. Her skill and knowledge and training was able to remove soreness that was in my joint for months post surgery and not feels so much better after in treatment. Highly recommended."  ~Lisa


"Katie is a great massage therapist! She is very professional and thorough, and my muscles feel much better after my massage with her."  ~Sarah


July 2017

"Always a special treat when I get a massage!"  ~Anonymous


"Katie is a committed professional who continually accesses her clients' needs in order to provide the most beneficial services possible. Along with that, she is a delightful person!"  ~Marti


"Katie does a great job. She finds all the kinks and works them out. Plus, she does massage cupping and that has done wonders for my hip, which has been problematic for the past few years."  ~Anonymous


"Great table, great massage!"  ~Kris


June 2017

"Great massage!"  ~Anonymous


"Katie is professional, skilled and personable!"  ~Ruth


"Katie always does an excellent job focusing on problem areas rather than just doing a generic routine. Highly recommend!"  ~Craig


"Katie is very in touch with what she's doing for the person on her table. She is present and uses her skills to help her clients get the most out of life!"  ~Annie


"The experience was exactly what I wanted and requested -- an excellent strong yet soft touch, with attention paid to specific areas, all in an easy atmosphere."  ~Anonymous


"Totally relaxing, great results. Katie is very personable, I felt comfortable with her the first time we met. Highly recommend going to see her!"  ~Anonymous


"Wouldn't go anywhere else. Katie is a such a delight and so professional."  ~Winand


May 2017

"I love the way I feel so good and relaxed after my hour with Katie. Do your self a favor call Katie."  ~Mary


"Every time I leave Katie's I feel calm, relaxed, more supple, and healthier! She does a wonderful job and I recommend her to ANY ONE."  ~Carol


"Katie is fabulous! She is responsive and skilled! I always enjoy our appointments."  ~Jennifer


"Always relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks, Katie"  ~Anonymous


"I've had my share of massage therapists. Some were good and some were bad; however, they were not consistent. Katie is consistent with her massages, and she keeps up to date on new techniques."  ~Richard


"I would like to have a small stool to climb on to the bed. It's almost too high for me to negotiate. Also, the music should be just a whisper. I love the massage, and how it helps me."  ~Nancy


"Katie is great she will work on your individual needs or problem areas effectively. She's thorough and knowledgeable in her skills."  ~Lorin