Parisou Massage Therapy
Katie Parisou, LMT

Client Forms

Please feel free to use the following forms:

Health Information form - This form will be emailed to you before your first visit.  We ask that you fill it out in it's entirety, to the best of your knowledge.  If you have any trouble filling it out online, do not worry, a paper form can be provided when you come into the office.

Health Status Update form - This form is useful if there is anything new related to your health going on.  New diagnosis from the doctor?  Sustain an injury?  Fill out this form and bring it in to your next session.

Client Feedback form - Interested in giving some constructive feedback?  Fill out the Client Feedback form and bring/mail it in.  

Physician's Permission form - Do you have any health concerns that you wonder if massage could be contraindicated?  When you consult your doctor on if massage is safe with your health/physical status, you may have them fill out the physician's permission form.  That way your doctor is aware of you receiving regular massage, and your therapist is aware of any special considerations that should be met.